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import logging
import re

from sevenbridges.meta.fields import (
from sevenbridges.errors import SbgError
from sevenbridges.meta.resource import Resource
from sevenbridges.meta.transformer import Transform
from sevenbridges.models.enums import AppRawFormat, AppCopyStrategy

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class App(Resource): """ Central resource for managing apps. """ _URL = { 'query': '/apps', 'get': '/apps/{id}', 'get_revision': '/apps/{id}/{revision}', 'create_revision': '/apps/{id}/{revision}/raw', 'copy': '/apps/{id}/actions/copy', 'sync': '/apps/{id}/actions/sync', 'raw': '/apps/{id}/raw' } _CONTENT_TYPE = { AppRawFormat.JSON: 'application/json', AppRawFormat.YAML: 'application/yaml' } href = HrefField(read_only=True) _id = StringField(read_only=True, name='id') project = StringField(read_only=True) name = StringField(read_only=True) revision = IntegerField(read_only=True) raw = DictField(read_only=False) @property def id(self): _id, _rev = self._id.rsplit('/', 1) if re.match(r'^\d*$', _rev): return _id else: return self._id def __eq__(self, other): if type(other) is not type(self): return False return self is other or == def __str__(self): revision = self.field('revision') if revision: return f'<App: id={} rev={self.revision}>' return f'<App: id={}'
[docs] @classmethod def query(cls, project=None, visibility=None, q=None, id=None, offset=None, limit=None, api=None): """ Query (List) apps. :param project: Source project. :param visibility: private|public for private or public apps. :param q: List containing search terms. :param id: List contains app ids. Fetch apps with specific ids. :param offset: Pagination offset. :param limit: Pagination limit. :param api: Api instance. :return: collection object """ if project: project = Transform.to_project(project) api = api or cls._API return super()._query(url=cls._URL['query'], project=project, visibility=visibility, q=q, id=id, offset=offset, limit=limit, api=api)
[docs] @classmethod def get_revision(cls, id, revision, api=None): """ Get app revision. :param id: App identifier. :param revision: App revision :param api: Api instance. :return: App object. """ api = api if api else cls._API extra = {'resource': cls.__name__, 'query': { 'id': id, 'revision': revision }}'Get revision', extra=extra) app = api.get(url=cls._URL['get_revision'].format( id=id, revision=revision)).json() return App(api=api, **app)
[docs] @classmethod def install_app(cls, id, raw, api=None, raw_format=None): """ Installs and app. :param id: App identifier. :param raw: Raw cwl data. :param api: Api instance. :param raw_format: Format of raw app data being sent, json by default :return: App object. """ api = api if api else cls._API raw_format = raw_format.lower() if raw_format else AppRawFormat.JSON extra = { 'resource': cls.__name__, 'query': { 'id': id, 'data': raw } }'Installing app', extra=extra) # Set content type for raw app data if raw_format not in cls._CONTENT_TYPE.keys(): raise SbgError(f'Unsupported raw data format: "{raw_format}".') headers = {'Content-Type': cls._CONTENT_TYPE[raw_format]} app = url=cls._URL['raw'].format(id=id), data=raw, headers=headers, ).json() app_wrapper = api.get( url=cls._URL['get'].format(id=app['sbg:id'])).json() return App(api=api, **app_wrapper)
[docs] @classmethod def create_revision(cls, id, revision, raw, api=None): """ Create a new app revision. :param id: App identifier. :param revision: App revision. :param raw: Raw cwl object. :param api: Api instance. :return: App object. """ api = api if api else cls._API extra = {'resource': cls.__name__, 'query': { 'id': id, 'data': raw }}'Creating app revision', extra=extra) app =['create_revision'].format( id=id, revision=revision), data=raw).json() app_wrapper = api.get( url=cls._URL['get'].format(id=app['sbg:id'])).json() return App(api=api, **app_wrapper)
[docs] def copy(self, project, name=None, strategy=None, use_revision=False, api=None): """ Copies the current app. :param project: Destination project. :param name: Destination app name. :param strategy: App copy strategy. :param use_revision: Copy from set app revision. :param api: Api instance. :return: Copied App object. :Copy strategies: clone copy all revisions and continue getting updates form the original app (default method when the key is omitted) direct copy only the latest revision and get the updates from this point on clone_direct copy the app like the direct strategy, but keep all revisions transient copy only the latest revision and continue getting updates from the original app """ api = api or self._API app_id = self._id if use_revision else strategy = strategy or AppCopyStrategy.CLONE project = Transform.to_project(project) data = { 'project': project, 'strategy': strategy } if name: data['name'] = name extra = { 'resource': type(self).__name__, 'query': { 'id': app_id, 'data': data } }'Copying app', extra=extra) app = url=self._URL['copy'].format(id=app_id), data=data ).json() return App(api=api, **app)
[docs] def sync(self): """ Syncs the parent app changes with the current app instance. :return: Synced App object. """ app =['sync'].format( return App(api=self._api, **app)