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import logging

from sevenbridges.decorators import inplace_reload
from sevenbridges.errors import ResourceNotModified
from sevenbridges.meta.collection import Collection
from sevenbridges.meta.fields import HrefField, StringField
from sevenbridges.meta.resource import Resource
from sevenbridges.meta.transformer import Transform
from import Link
from sevenbridges.models.team_member import TeamMember

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Team(Resource): """ Central resource for managing teams. """ _URL = { 'query': '/teams', 'get': '/teams/{id}', 'members_query': '/teams/{id}/members', 'members_get': '/teams/{id}/members/{member}', } href = HrefField(read_only=True) id = StringField(read_only=True) name = StringField(read_only=False) def __str__(self): return f'<Team: id={}>' def __eq__(self, other): if type(other) is not type(self): return False return self is other or ==
[docs] @classmethod def query(cls, division, list_all=False, offset=None, limit=None, api=None): """ :param division: Division slug. :param list_all: List all teams in division. :param offset: Pagination offset. :param limit: Pagination limit. :param api: Api instance. :return: Collection object. """ division = Transform.to_division(division) api = api if api else cls._API return super()._query( url=cls._URL['query'], division=division, _all=list_all, offset=offset, limit=limit, fields='_all', api=api )
[docs] @classmethod def create(cls, name, division, api=None): """ Create team within a division :param name: Team name. :param division: Parent division. :param api: Api instance. :return: Team object. """ division = Transform.to_division(division) api = api if api else cls._API data = { 'name': name, 'division': division } extra = { 'resource': cls.__name__, 'query': data }'Creating team', extra=extra) created_team =['query'], data=data).json() return Team(api=api, **created_team)
@inplace_reload def save(self, inplace=True): """ Saves all modification to the team on the server. :param inplace Apply edits on the current instance or get a new one. :return: Team instance. """ modified_data = self._modified_data() if modified_data: extra = { 'resource': type(self).__name__, 'query': { 'id':, 'modified_data': modified_data } }'Saving team', extra=extra) data = self._api.patch(url=self._URL['get'].format(, data=modified_data).json() team = Team(api=self._api, **data) return team else: raise ResourceNotModified()
[docs] def get_members(self, offset=None, limit=None): """ Fetch team members for current team. :param offset: Pagination offset. :param limit: Pagination limit. :return: Collection object. """ extra = { 'resource': type(self).__name__, 'query': {'id':} }'Get team members', extra=extra) response = self._api.get( url=self._URL['members_query'].format(, params={'offset': offset, 'limit': limit} ) data = response.json() total = response.headers['x-total-matching-query'] members = [TeamMember(api=self._api, **member) for member in data['items']] links = [Link(**link) for link in data['links']] href = data['href'] return Collection(resource=TeamMember, href=href, total=total, items=members, links=links, api=self._api)
[docs] def add_member(self, user): """ Add member to team :param user: User object or user's username :return: Added user. """ user = Transform.to_user(user) data = { 'id': user } extra = { 'resource': type(self).__name__, 'query': { 'id':, 'data': data, } }'Adding team member using id', extra=extra) response = url=self._URL['members_query'].format(, data=data) member_data = response.json() return TeamMember(api=self._api, **member_data)
[docs] def remove_member(self, user): """ Remove member from the team. :param user: User to be removed. """ member = Transform.to_user(user) extra = { 'resource': type(self).__name__, 'query': { 'id':, 'user': user, } }'Removing team member', extra=extra) self._api.delete( url=self._URL['members_get'].format(, member=member) )